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Sol Raiz Maca for hormonal balance

Chacon's first reports on the medicinal properties of heirloom Maca confirmed that this vegetable does not contain plant estrogens or any other phyto-hormones. Instead, through various plant sterols, Chacon Maca stimulates the entire endocrine system creating over all hormonal balance. Further research by Chacon revealed that the exclusive variety she focused her studies on (Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon) contained four isolated alkaloids that are scientifically shown to promote optimal functionality of hypothalamus and pituitary glands as well as improving functionality of the all the endocrine glands. The previously mentioned sterols are then used by the body with the help of the pituitary to replenish adrenal fatigue, increase ovarian and testicular function as well as toning of the thyroid, pancreas, and pineal. This over-all positive influence on stimulation and toning of endocrine glands creates hormonal balance leading to homeostasis. *Our Maca is not raw and goes through a traditional gelatinization process that eliminates starches and goitrogens.

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