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Who we are

Sol Raiz is the pioneer of Single Estate, source verified Chacon Maca. Sol Raiz is the only U.S company to have achieved an exclusive endorsement from the President of the Association of producers of ecological maca for the country of Peru. We work directly with our growing partners to stimulate full time work for 30 families and our efforts are personally endorsed by Dr. Gloria Chacon. Today, Sol Raiz Organics is widely available in natural food stores, grocers, and juice bars throughout the United States


Our Story

Since 2005, we have worked independently with Peruvian farmers from the Junin Plateau (High Andes of Peru) to offer the heirloom variety of Maca with un paralleled medicinal and therapeutic properties: 

100% Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon. We found out that true quality maca (Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon) was not making it to the U.S. market place. Instead low grade Lepidium Meyenii Walpers makes up the vast majority of product put out by other brands. These roots are actually considered "weeds" yet U.S. companies about the bottom line have been getting away with passing them off as the Incan super food - Maca. When we emerged onto the market in Southern California's Co-Ops, we made it a point to share the work of colleague Dr. Gloria Chacon. The variety or specific genus of product we get was named after Chacon for it's naturally occuring superior nutritional content and medicinal benefits. With the gift of knowledge presented to us by Dr. Chacon, we took on the responsibility of educating newly acquired accounts. Soon everybody seemed to want to hear our story and learn more about our products. 

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Know your Source

Sol Raiz Organics is a company formed off integrity and respect for the environmental and cultural aspects of Maca, no gimmicks. Our partner from the beginning has been the Castillo- Huerta family of Junin. Dr. Luis Oswaldo, President of Ecological and Organic Maca for the Country of Peru, has believed in our vision for responsible business from the beginning and his family was the first to export Maca out of Peru to Japan, creating an international market. Sol Raiz Organics has exceeded Fair Trade practices by spending months out of the year in Peru and employing more than 30 local families in what’s known as Peru’s poorest region, working under some of the worlds harshest climate (above 14,000 ft.). These aspects allow us to offer our friends and family an unparalleled product line that is USDA, NON-GMO, QAI, Source Verified, and 1% FTP.   Sol Raiz Organics has simply gained a reputation in the industry as the only U.S. company to offer a single plantation-sourced product free of any fillers (by fillers we mean everything from Lepidium Meyenii Walp. to rice flour) and free of any middlemen or brokers that sell low quality “Maca” in bulk to U.S. companies, a product that is detrimental to the future of not only maca but to the culture of the Pampas de Junin.

What we offer

Sol Raiz Organics offers a Maca experience like nothing else you’ll find outside of the Peruvian Andes. Our Single Plantation Sourced Maca thrives today in the exact location of the heirloom variety that provided the Incan Empire with their most prized food source. At 14,468 ft. our plantation is regarded as the only true quality assured maca to reach the U.S. market place. This crop is regarded so special and unique that the purveyors of the root stand watch as protectors of the crop to honor the ancestors that regarded this root as the Incan Empires’ most prized food source. Maca’s unique properties are so powerful they’ve been called “unusual.” What other vegetable do we know of that provides energy, endurance, and stamina and is touted the greatest libido-enhancing herb for sex drive and reproduction? Scientific studies on maca conducted exclusively from the Sol Raiz Organics Plantation show our roots to increase fertility, balance hormones eliminating hot flashes and nights sweats and has been the- hands down, number one product prescribed for women seeking alternative and natural ways to achieve homeostasis rather than synthetic HRT. With the quality assurance surpassing industry standards, Sol Raiz Organics Maca is completely non-toxic.


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep CHACON MACA alive for years to come and educate communities in the USA about the difference in the varieties of Maca upholding the quality standards that makes this ancient root medicinal and  the integrity of Dr. Gloria Chacon life's time work.

We hope you can join us and support the last purveyors of this heirloom seed.

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