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Sol Raiz Maca for athletic performance

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Sol Raiz Chacon Maca has been put to the athletic performance test and won: Jamie Sterling felt the benefits of real maca in the Big Wave World Tour!

Professional Big Wave surfer Jamie Sterling sustained a torn shoulder which could have been detrimental for his career performance. Watch the video below to hear his experience and how Sol Raiz Chacon Maca alone attributed to his comeback and World Title the following season.

Chacon Maca has been used as a superior alternative to anabolic steroids. Its compounds create muscle growth, bone density and strength and aid in all aspects of recovery. (Read PubMed/ Journal of BioMed info).

There are no chemicals present as there are in anabolic steroids and Maca is recognized and considered safe by all sports governing bodies except Australia?! LEARN HERE WHY.

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