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2 oz. Pouch Certified Organic Maca Powder. The introductory size pouch is a great gift or travel companion. 2 oz. of premium Maca will last approximately two weeks with the recommended dosage. The resealable pouch and foil lining is durable yet keeps the maca fresh

2 oz pouch Chacon Maca powder


    • 4 ALKALOIDS: Chacon™ Maca alkaloids are scientifically proven to activate the HPA axis. By doing so, Maca is helping tone the entire glandular system while replenishing the adrenal glands. Maca is an important ingredient to help restore homeostasis to the HPA axis.
    • ADAPTOGEN: Customized assistance specific to your body’s individual needs. This makes Maca a costumized whole food perfect for you!


    • High nutrition: 4 alkaloids, 21 amino acids, 30+ vitamins and minerals, 60+ phytonutrients.
    • Energy and motivation: It boosts physical and mental energy levels increasing vitality, fertility and stamina.
    • Hormonal balance: Helps alleviate menopause symptoms and stress. Supports healthy adrenal gland function. Promotes homeostasis.
    • Improves collagen synthesis: Nourished skin, strong nails and hair.
    • Healthy hemoglobin, muscles and bone density: High content of calcium and Iron. Highly recommended for recovery process.


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